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Why Cupcakes are the New Flowers

Spring is in the air, which means baby animals, sunshine and rainbows. It also means severe pollen allergies from every plant in sight, and puffy eyes and a swollen face whenever the neighbours decide to mow their front lawn. This makes it difficult for the gift of giving flowers as well, because even though they’re a sweet gesture, flowers in spring time are not always well received.

Another drawback from the modest bunch of flowers – they can’t be shared. They sit in a vase, and yes, you can enjoy them by looking at them, but really, is that enough? And, if you’re a fan of the Bachelor, you’ll know that there are never enough flowers to go around, and someone always ends up missing out.

Flowers also die. There’s no way to avoid it, either. Even the enchanted rose in Beauty and the Beast eventually drops all of its petals, and that’s it – time is up. No one needs that kind of pressure in their lives, especially from something that essentially is designed to cheer you up and brighten your home/mood/life.

If you want more romance in the air rather than hayfever, we have the correct plan of action up our sleeves. Hint: they’re small, round, tasty, and can be delivered to your doorstep.

Cupcakes Delivered are experts in providing a delicious dozen of your favourite cupcakes to your door, your friend’s door, or your workplace door – any door you choose!

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