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Unexpected Bad Day Cupcakes

We can do as much positive thinking as we like, but sometimes, a bad day is inevitable. There are bad days that we know will be bad, such as funerals or Crazy Hat Day in the office. But there is a second, and very lethal, form of the bad day, and that’s the Unexpected Bad Day (or UBDs). They’re sneaky, they’re sly, and they creep up behind you and bite your Achilles tendon.

Nothing will derail a seemingly ordinary, dare I say good, day faster than the attack of the Unexpected Bad Day. This comes in many forms, such as stepping in a puddle, dropping your iPhone and smashing the screen, getting a dodgy haircut, ripping a favourite item of clothing, or returning to your car after a long day at work and seeing a parking fine smirking back at you from under your windscreen wiper.

In true form, a UBD is made up of several of these events, usually spaced out within 12 – 24 hours, just to test your tolerance with the universe. For instance, your morning train could be delayed, you burn your tongue on the dodgy coffee you bought from the milk bar, and then you spill your lunch down the front of your shirt before a meeting. To top it off, when you get home, the power has gone out.

We’ve all had these days, but good news – they can be a thing of the past! Well, kind of anyway. The UBDs will still happen, but we have a powerful weapon at our finger tips – the ability to order cupcakes.

If your day is slowly making its way down the drain, hop onto Cupcakes Delivered and order a dozen cupcakes (maybe a Mixed Taster Box?) by 1pm for next day delivery to your home or office to ensure tomorrow is a drastic improvement on today.

Don’t let the Unexpected Bad Days win - it’s what they want. Order your cupcakes today! 

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