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Sweetening up Australia Day

Ahh, January. A month full of well-intended, short lived thoughts (drinking kale smoothies every morning), a rise in gym memberships (New Year, NEW ME!), and a fresh feeling of restlessness when you return to work after some time off.

Yes, January. What a time of year. There’s a lot of tennis, and even more mozzies. But the saving grace for January is always a favourite past time – Australia Day. A day to celebrate, reflect, and best of all – party. 

To create an event that will make your ancestors proud, take note: 

1. Grab friends. Even ones you don’t like.

Come one, come all, and bring at least 3 ‘plus ones’. The key to an amazing Australia Day is your backyard, and a lot of people, especially when it’s time for backyard cricket. 

2. 50% food, 50% beverages. 

This is a scientific ratio for success when it comes to Aussies. Stock up on meat, several loaves of cheap and nasty white bread, a jumbo bottle of tomato sauce, and a bucket load of chopped onions. Make sure you dump some iceberg lettuce into a bowl with a packet of cherry tomatoes – we’re not complete animals here. 

3. If it’s not Green and Gold, forget about it.

If you haven’t covered the backyard with bright yellow and green streamers, then you’re definitely doing something wrong. If you’re really feeling patriotic, head to the nearest discount store and don’t come back until you have a small inflatable swimming pool. Bonus points if it has a koala printed on it. 

4. There is a strict dress code.

Thou shall not pass unless thongs, shorts, and a singlet is the selected attire. We will also accept Australiana themed clothing, and extra points goes out to anyone wearing a wide brimmed hat with corks hanging off it – to keep flies away from one’s face, obviously. 

5. Whatever you do, don’t forget dessert. 

Once all the lunch has been devoured, the cricket has been played, and the pool holds more beer than water, the masses will come sniffing around for dessert. Don’t disappoint them, or you’ll have a lot of angry Australians to answer to. Order your Australia Day cupcakes a few days before, and stash them in the fridge for a clever secret dessert. This includes cupcakes with green and gold frosting, plus an optional Australian flag fondant disc if you’re feeling fancy (and after all, why not?). 

Make your Australia Day extra memorable – and get your Cupcakes Delivered!

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