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Sending cupcakes to celebrate a new born

One of the greatest experiences you can share with a friend is the birth of their baby. Not from the birthing suite, but maybe from the hospital waiting room. Or even a couple of days later, from their living room when the new baby gets to come home.

The hardest part of celebrating the birth of a new family member is, what do I buy? Mum and Dad have had 9 months to prepare for this moment, meaning they’ve already bought blue and pink jumpsuits in every size. Plus, they would have been gifted soft jungle animals and printed cot blankets from every family member, and no doubt Grandma has already knitted mittens and an oversized beanie.

Everyone loves babies, right?

The ‘It’s a ____! (gender specify)’ helium balloons are nice, but bob around the backseat of your car as you drive to visit the baby, which is less than desirable. Flowers are pretty, yes, but seem like the easy way out.

Now all the negatives are out of the way, we can offer you the perfect solution: Cupcakes.

Seemed so obvious, right? Our Girl and Boy Boxes were designed with YOU in mind! You can have a box of cupcakes delivered directly to your friend’s home, in blue or pink with an “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” messaging. That way, the overtired new parents can eat the entire box together while the baby sleeps, and you can politely visit, perch yourself on the edge of their couch, and be hailed a hero.

To impress enough to be awarded the title of God Parent, or maybe just settle for Favourite Unofficial Aunt/Uncle, jump online to Cupcakes Delivered and welcome a new born to the world in the sweetest way possible with one of our Girl or Boy Boxes. 

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