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How to tackle Valentine’s Day in 2017

Cupcake Gift Ideas For GirlfriendFor those in relationships, Valentine’s Day is the best day EVER.

For those who are not, Valentine’s Day sucks.

Luckily, there is something that can please everyone (the Believers vs. the Non Believers, if you will). Allow me to explain:


Group A –

The hopeless romantics. The ones who can recite The Notebook and Love Actually by heart. They believe in love at first sight, and constantly share on Facebook stories about people who are 90 years old and still married. The like baby animals, fresh fruit, and Bali holidays. They sing along to Adele, follow Real Housewives, and brainstorm names for their future babies (Sophie for a girl, Xavier for a boy).

And, more often than not, they’re in a relationship.


Group B –

The Bah Humbugs of February. The romance Grinch. The people who experience physical pain when they witness PDA at the cinemas. These people are satisfied with spending a night on the couch with a microwave dinner and a bottle of wine without wallowing in self pity. They watch Judge Judy, Criminal Minds, and know how to fix a flat tyre.

Most of the time, they’re single, and usually by choice.  Grinspoon’s ‘You’re Better Off Alone’ is their anthem.

Luckily, we can please both Group A and Group B with the gift of cupcakes.

If you’re gifting cupcakes on Valentine’s Day to a Believer (Group A), then it’s a romantic gesture – a pure declaration of love. A Red Velvet Dozen is just as good as a proposal, if not better.

Now, you can make a Group B-er very happy on Valentine’s Day with a Mixed Gourmet Dozen. It’s full of options, without any assumptions – just what they like. It can say ‘Let’s be friends’, ‘I think you’re a 10’, or just simply ‘Here – I thought you’d like some cupcakes?’ without being soppy or too cutesy, 100%* guaranteed.

Spoil the special Believer or Non Believer in your life – order your cupcakes in time for Valentine’s Day!

*not actually guaranteed. 

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