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How to be the hit of any kids party without ACTUALLY being there

Bananas are great, and pumpkin soup is great, but together? No. Some things are best enjoyed on their own. It’s the same with kids’ parties. Everyone loves kids, and everyone loves parties, but not everyone loves them combined.

Why? Well, they can be very loud events, with a mass of sticky fingers and no doubt the decorations will have a Frozen theme. Which of course is a thrill for the children involved, but sometimes, as an adult, it’s not the best outcome for your Saturday arvo.

Cupcakes Delivered kids partyBut the question is, how do you avoid attending this crazed event without seeming savage? The answer is simple. Two words: Cupcakes. Delivered.

The day before the party, have a scroll through our range of cupcake options to pick out your favourite (Tip: do this in the morning at work, because it’s easier than sorting through all your new emails) and have those bad boys delivered to the party address on Friday afternoon, in time for the next day’s shenanigans. The following day, while you’re getting a deep tissue massage, you can rest assured that your delivery was received with gratitude and admiration, by not only the children at the party, but by the adult attendees who didn’t think of this plan themselves.

So do yourself the biggest favour you can. Jump onto Cupcakes Delivered and select your savior cupcakes (when in doubt, the Mixed Dozen is always a winner) and let them do the hard work on your behalf– you won’t regret it.

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