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Hen’s Night 101 – complete with cupcakes

Hen’s Night - complete with cupcakesFor as long as we can remember, Hen’s Nights have been a part of marriage tradition. Whether you’re a fan of a sophisticated high tea followed by a civilized afternoon of backyard croquet, or prefer more of a Magic Mike and tequila approach, no wedding is complete without the memorable event. However, for those unlucky wedding party members who get dumped with the job of planning the perfect Hens Night, never fear – we’ve got you covered.


Hen’s night survival guide:

Step 1: Face it, you’re going to have to make some gristly phone calls.

The bride has put you in charge of the guest list, so you’re often to have to make some awkward phone calls to her snobby cousin, or grand aunt Bertha and her many cats, to follow up on the invitations. You’ll get no recognition for this part – just look at it as a warm up for what’s to follow.


Step 2: You’ll spend all your spare time making bookings.

You’re going to make the transition from friend into the bride’s very own PA, and you’re not going to like it. This will include contacting day spas, hotels, restaurants, catering services, burlesque dancers, elephant trainers, you name it.


Step 3: Something always goes wrong.

Maybe the bride rocks up to her own Hens 2 hours late, or the mother of the bride has too much bubbly from the champagne tower and cries in the bathroom. Prepare yourself for high heel induced injuries (think twisted ankles or grazed knees), an emotional breakdown from at least one of the bridesmaids at around midnight, someone getting lost and arriving at the wrong venue, or a guest who gets too friendly with the ‘male talent’. Our advice: roll with the punches.


Step 4: Take all the photos early on in the night. You’ll thank us later.

There is nothing worse than waking up the next morning to see that you’ve been tagged in many photos from the night before by an over enthusiastic guest (generally an aunt) with an old school digital camera. Get all the photos out of the way as early as you can, while everyone’s make up is still in place and all feet have shoes on them, because it won’t be for very long.


Step 5: Snacks.

You’ll all end up back in your fancy hotel room in the early hours of the morning, and there is a 100% chance that you’ll all be very, very hungry. This is when you become the hero of the night, by whipping out a Mixed Dozen box of cupcakes that you ordered that morning and stashed in the kitchen. Everyone will thank you, the bride will cry happy tears, and the whole night will go down as the Greatest Hens Night in History.

Good luck ladies! And remember, no one ever said it would be easy, but some cupcakes will definitely soften the blow. Order yours online today from Cupcakes Deliverd!

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