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Fast Turn Around – 24 Hour Delivery

We live in a fast moving society with all our resources at our fingertips – you can order a pizza, a taxi, or even the latest in clothing, all at the touch of a button and delivered straight to your home. So why should it be any different for cupcakes?

Well, lucky for us, it’s not. In the high paced frenzy that is our lives, things are always changing and we need to put out fires left, right and centre when things take a turn for the worse. Are you in the middle of a crisis? Cupcakes can fix (almost) anything within 24 hours!

For example, let’s say yesterday you had dinner with your friend and her boyfriend, and on your lunch break today she calls you to tell you they broke up. Fast, right? Luckily, you can sneak off to the toilets with your smart phone to order her a Choc Decadence Dozen straight to her front door and into her grieving heart, just like that, thanks to our 24 hour cupcake delivery.

Or, what if this morning when you were leaving for work, you reversed into the neighbour’s letterbox? There’s no time to stop and do anything about it at the risk of missing your 9am meeting. So instead, during the meeting you can pretend to be taking notes on your laptop, but instead you’re sneakily on Cupcakes Delivered and selecting the Red Velvet Dozen to be sent as a peace offering. Easy fix!

Seize the day, time flies, life is short – you know the drill. Hop onto Cupcakes Delivered and take advantage of our speedy 24 hour delivery to ANYWHERE in Australia to keep up with the ups and downs life throws at you. You can be prepared for anything now, because Cupcakes Delivered has your back.