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Cupcakes – Not just for children

There’s no reason why kids should have all the fun. Parties, cake, balloons – all things we associate with entertaining children, but the truth is, adults love those things just as much, if not more.

And for us adults, the ups and downs of grown up life can be tough. No longer can we live in a carefree, blissful bubble our children are bobbing about in – adult life is serious, and sometimes, it’s not that easy.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense that we reward ourselves for making it through the adult life rollercoaster while remaining in one piece. Whether it’s to celebrate, or commiserate, the best way to raise your glass to adulthood is via something sweet – in the form of a cupcake or twelve.

Hen’s Night Cupcakes - Not just for childrenGetting divorced? Cupcakes. Throwing a hen’s night party? Cupcakes. Kids moved out of home and you can finally create that home office-come-spare bedroom? Cupcakes. Suffering a crippling mid-life crisis and can’t afford a sports car? Cupcakes.

This doesn’t apply for just yourself, but for the bundles of adults around you. The adults who have to juggle both a laptop bag and briefcase on the train during peak hour, the adults who have to keep the bride from kissing the entertainment on her hen’s night or the adults who have to look after the family dog because the kids lost interest – yep, all adults need a cupcake from time to time. Whether you’re ordering for yourself, or for a fellow adult, you’re helping a generation of adults ride the ups and downs, while remaining young at heart.

There’s a Choc Decadence Dozen waiting, with your name on it. Embrace adulthood – maybe we can’t always get away with jumping in that puddle, or throwing a tantrum in the supermarket, but we can treat ourselves whenever we feel like it. Order your dozen cupcakes from Cupcakes Delivered today.

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