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Christmas – it’s equal parts awesome, equal parts stressful

You’ll be attending many events in the lead up – some fun, some not so fun. The work Christmas party is always a hit, but maybe your bossy aunt’s pre-Christmas lunch for quality bonding time isn’t so festive.

There might be ugly Christmas sweater parties (Bridget Jones style), kindergarten or primary school celebrations for the kids, Sunday picnics with relatives you forgot even existed, dinner with the in-law’s – the list goes on.


And, the cherry on top of most of these events are the fun little words “Please bring a plate”.





Four dreaded words that can really throw your plan for the day on its head.

There’s Christmas shopping to be done, presents to wrap and hide, Christmas cards to post, grandparents to visit… there’s not always time to pull a casual Nigella Lawson and whip up an impressive and elaborate meringue, complete with exotic fruit, essence of dragon blood, and egg whites from a dodo egg.

That’s where we come in! Que the Smallville theme song, because Cupcakes Delivered is your real life super hero during the festive season.

We can deliver you a box of decadent cupcakes to your front door (complete with cooler pack – don’t think we’re letting summer get in the way of deliciousness), AND we won’t even get offended if you pile them onto a plate and claim to have baked them yourself.  

Bring these bad boys to any social gathering Christmas throws your way, and you’re set. Best of all, you don’t need to even touch a recipe book to be able to master ‘Please bring a plate’ this Christmas.

To bring in the holiday season in style, get ordering today for a cheerful box of cupcakes on your front door tomorrow!

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