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Celebration Cupcakes

Life is made up of wins, both big and small. We celebrate the big wins; a promotion at work, a pregnancy, a new house – but what about those little wins?

Let's recognize some of our everyday achievements: catching the train to work on time, having enough milk left in the fridge for a coffee, filling up the tank with petrol for under a dollar per litre. These might not seem like they'd be at the top of the Life Goals' list, but let's be honest – they still count.

CelebrationWe all celebrate in different ways. Champagne is a great way, but for some reason it's still frowned upon if you sneak a bottle into the workplace. Helium balloons, although fun, are impractical as they end up bobbing aimlessly around your lounge room or office for the rest of the week, until you have to brutally stab them with a pair of scissors, because that's the grim end it has come to. Flowers are pretty, but no doubt someone at home or at work has allergies.

So the perfect way to celebrate a half birthday, a pass on an exam, or parking your car in a dodgy neighbourhood and returning to see it hasn't been keyed or towed? Cupcakes.

Celebrate your own small life win, or someone else's, by ordering cupcakes. Have them delivered to your workplace (if you're generous enough to share them with everyone – think it through before you make any rash decisions) or to your home, where you can either take the entire box shamefully to the couch, or whip them out after dinner and impress everyone.

Be your own hero and jump online to Cupcakes Delivered, because we can't let our mini wins go unrewarded, especially when chocolate mud or red velvet is involved.

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